I want the world to be a more creative place because of me!

*Currently inspired by this.

"Felyx is a joy to work with. He is a great communicator, detail-oriented, and approaches projects with enthusiasm and curiosity.
His ability to execute across editing, design and motion graphics projects make him a go-to resource."
- Melissa Garr Forrette,
   Creative Producer // Revery

Hi, I'm Felyx.

I'm Canadian-American and I back savory breakfasts. I strive to work with diverse groups of people to learn all that I can, and to create a product or story that serves not only the audience needs, but also pushes the team's collective creativity.
With a background in digital marketing, and a foundation as a film and visual artist, I've found passion in all things design and strive to stay curious and to create in both the digital and the physical space. I've been creating for various brands and agencies for the past six years and it's just going to get better!
In working together, I will foster collaborative environments, provide optimism, and show up everyday with a 'there's always a way to make it happen' attitude. 
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husky, Maverick, filming concerts/music videos, and designing graphics/patterns for apparel.
Some people I've loved working with - 
Columbia Sportswear, Amazon, Facebook, Travel Oregon, Alaska Airlines, Kaiser Permanente, Lufthansa, Revery, Butch Studios, Warner Brothers Hollywood Tour, Muse Storytelling, Harmless Harvest, Blossom Brothers, Will Leather Goods, Sparkloft Media, Mutt Industries, University of Portland, Treefort Music Festival, Easy Slump Music Festival, Beat Connection, Holocene, Yung Bae, Doug Fir Lounge, Madame Gandhi, Frankie Simone, and more!