BAD KARMA good luck is an apparel design collection focused on thoughtful visual messaging.

Leading the project from ideation all the way through physical production, designing and developing the 'still. growing.' sweatshirt has been my favorite apparel project to date.


The ask - to design a thoughtful graphic for Spring 2019.

Idea - To design a graphic for the Spring season centered on the theme of growth - unsure, sweet, bitter, emotional, realistic, reflective growth. I wanted to create something that would instill a feeling of something started, but incomplete. Still. Growing.


Jupiter Logo

Representing luck, thought, philosophy, optimism, and growth.

Warui Talisman Logo

Warui translates to 'Bad' in Japanese. Drawing inspiration from the East, the logo mimmicks paper talismans used to protect and to wish good fortune. Being the first thing you see, it acts to subtly catch the eye.

The talisman logo is used in the center of the garment to still be visible when layered with other clothing.


The Graphic

The graphic starts with an image of flowering foliage. A sign of messy growth and springtime, it is comprised of flowers and leaves, with branches tying them together.

To convey graphic elements in a similar way, overlaid are different graphic elements - text, logos and opaque shapes. The white border both acts as the branch to these elements while also keeping everything nicely aligned, in contrast to the overgrown 'chaos' behind.

The Jupiter logo and text elements clearly convey the brand.

Underneath, a small phrase beckons 'come back to me when you finally fin'. This acts as a major element of reflection, aiming to pull something out of the reader. It can be hard to find, but the idea is to encourage you to slow down and think.


Both the phrase and the bounding box fade as your eye moves to the right, relaying that what's to come is unknown and indefinite.

This is the process of growth.


We are all, in some way, Still. Growing.