Client - Alaska Airlines

The Story -

Alaska Airlines came to us with a one time ask. Little did we know that what we started would become one of Alaska Air's longest running social campaigns.


In order to accomplish the mission of highlighting a new Alaska route, we sent an influencer from the departure city on a weekend adventure to the new destination, coining the titular term #weekendwanderer. While also initially curating itineraries and running ads for the program, I stepped into the lead designer role on this project after creating six pieces of promotional content for the campaign and reprised that role moving forward. 

After one successful tour, we received the ask to uniquely recreate this tour once a month for the next 6 month period. This extension would increase to two tours a month for over two more years and span hundreds of videos, designs, animations, photos, and relationships.  

Check out the results in the case study video!

Staying on Top of the Game

As new features and trends like carousel posts were introduced to Instagram, we were early adopters, always up for new challenges.

Thinking Outside of the Box

This project remains one of my favorite, for the autonomy allowed resulted in cross disciplined collaboration and amazing creativity.

Progress and Learning

From video and animation work to social UX/UI design, I was able to create in a wide variety of areas, learning as much as I could and building a strong, well-versed foundation along the way.